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Financing Options

Real estate financing doesn’t always fit into a neat box. Loan products from local banks often are underwritten by government entities like FHA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac and have specific borrower guidelines. If the borrower fits the mold, great; if not, other choices exist.


At Lorna Leibowitz Real Estate, we provide clients with options for their needs. Some borrowers may qualify for special Federal or State Grant Programs created explicitly for first-time home buyers. Particular criteria may apply. In addition, some banks provide additional cash incentives for borrowers who qualify for these programs. Buyers who own businesses or have substantial assets outside the US may also need more non-traditional lending options. I can put you in touch with my trusted resources, who are skilled in these types of loans.


When considering a new home, Lorna Leibowitz can put her 25+ years of experience helping clients buy new and upgraded homes throughout New York City to work for you. Reach out today!

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